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Sinotraffic has warehouses in Guinea, Mexico, and Peru, through which realized storage safety and property supervision. Chinese vehicles can establish exhibition halls and components centers to achieve pre-sale utilizing these warehouses. It is beneficial to reduce logistics costs, delivery time, and costs of returning products.

Our Advantages

1:Guinea Warehouse

Sinotraffic has an indoor cooperative warehouse of 1,477 square meters in the Kimbo port area of Guinea, which can accommodate 10-20 dump trucks. The site outside the port area can accommodate hundreds of dump trucks. It is 130 kilometers from the capital Clarke, with a superior geographical location and convenient transportation.

Kimbo Port Area has a security team and a supporting short barge service, which can transport goods to other areas by barge, meeting the transport capacity of the Guinea market.

Sinotraffic can provide professional logistics warehousing and distribution services in Guinea.

2:Mexico Warehouse

Located in San Luis Potosi, the central city of Mexico, Sinotraffic Mexico Warehouse is 800km from Manzanillo and 700km from Veracruz. It has a superior geographical location and radiates the port city in all directions. The warehouse has a total area of 82,000 square meters. There is a car inspection area.

The warehouse is in the free trade zone, with complete security. The bonded warehouse has a fence, lighting, inventory, a visit, a control system, and closed-circuit television. The closed-circuit television signal connects with the customs supervision authority. The transport vehicles can also be equipped with G+D11PS equipment to grasp the cargo dynamics and maximize the security of the cargo. At the same time, the warehouse also has the function of an exhibition hall, which can realize free trade and sales, vehicle maintenance, and other after-sales services in the warehouse.

Sinotraffic can provide one-stop services in Mexico, such as customs clearance at the destination port, land transportation, and port operation.

3:Peru Warehouse

Sinotraffic Peru Warehouse is in the territory of Callao, 15-minute drive from the port, adjacent to the airport of Callao, with a superior geographical location and convenient transportation. The warehouse covers an area of 3860 square meters and can accommodate 50-150 commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles at the same time. There are seven special ramps in the depot to facilitate loading and unloading.

The security information of the warehouse is complete. There are 24-hour uninterrupted cameras, and the transport vehicles can also be equipped with GPS equipment so that customers can keep track of the goods at any time to ensure safety.

Sinotraffic can also provide one-stop services in Peru, such as customs clearance at the destination port, land transportation, combined transportation, and port operation.

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